Hey there fellas!
I am Pirah and guess what this is me, on the left side of the page.
Although I look much cuter here. I am not that cute okay 😛 But that’s not the point. The point of the talk today is that you guys are visiting my website. Welcome to my Website. Which I never thought I would own but hey things do happen just like that. We must be open to all the opportunities. So this is my website where I share a tons of different stuff for you. Things that you may find here are DIY’s, tags, challenges, Daily blogs , Reviews or lectures from my university. So if you are someone from Iqra University you better follow me and let me know what advice do you need. and other people can ask that as well. Its just that the people who are in Iqra and doing BBA can ask me a lot more than others. and you might see some friendship posts or some emotional rants here. So be prepared and dive into the categories of my website which will reveal my life and personality. I also make YouTube videos and I have an active Instagram account. Links are added below:



P.S a lot of lame and dry humor is to be expected.So that was all about my site. Let me enlighten you with myself. I am Pirah, a university student. I am in my fourth semester (at the time when I am writing this). I was from KITE Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship but now I am in Iqra long story short I got transferred and no I am not dumb. Also  I cleared all my subjects at both the places ALHAMDULILLAH  so there isn’t anything as such spicy there. I like reading, watching series/movies , listening to songs and there are times when I cook or experiment with cooking. Shocker, right? I know but cooking is kinda cool. I can cook but I can’t do dishes and please don’t ever ask me to do the dishes. I was born on 3rd April. Do wish me with a gift.I love chocolates and I am a foodie. Strawberry Shake is my favourite in case if you wanna buy me something and I am also crazy for nail paints. I got an obsession with nail paints. You might see a tons of swatches here and I am not sorry 😛

That’s it for the intro. You will know the rest if you would follow me ;). So do follow this blog/website and then we can hang out together sometime . See yeah later, alligator .

For Business inquiries/collaboration: pirahkp@gmail.com

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