Qualities of a girl’s dream boy

Hey guys,
Today I am sharing another oldie goldie video and its behind the scenes with you guys. We shot this video a while back. It was my friend , Malaika and I who shot it. We were thinking of shooting an idea and just like other girls we started talking about a few boys here and there and thats when this idea hit us. We thought why not make a skit of dream boys?. Its not the best skit out there I agree but we tried. We wrote some point we tried to be funny and we hope you guys like it. Let us know the qualities of your dream boy and also let us know what do you think of this video. Thank you so much for staying tuned. You guys are literally the best people out there. Thank you for making my YouTube and blogging journey better everyday. I appreciate it a lot!! so yes I will stop rambling and let you guys watch this “Qualities of a girl’s dream boy” video. Bye guys. KEEP SMILING.

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