Let’s talk about KKW Crème Contour & Highlight Kits

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Its me Pirah and today we are going to talk about the new hyped up product KKW contour sticks. So, I am going to break this talk into a few aspect. First of we will talk about what this product is, its packaging, its shades and everything. Then we will hop on to a short review of these sticks and then we will is the price of KKW contour sticks is justified. At the end, we will decide if they are worth it or not. Now let’s get started.

KKW contour sticks is actually called Crème Contour & Highlight Kits. It’s a proper Kit which comes with three products. A highlighter, a contour stick and a brush.  On your right is the picture of the packaging in which Contour Sticks arrive. Nothing too fancy. It’s really simple yet elegant in my opinion. I do feel like its cute and more of an OLD style packaging. you get a zip lock bag. Inside it there’s another bag in which you get two sticks , Contour and highlight, and a brush which is itself packed nicely.

These kits come in four shades. Those shades are light, medium, dark and deep dark. Each of the contour stick is dual ended. One shade is darker than the other. The

highlighting stick is dual ended as well, one is matte highlighter and the other one is Shimmer highlighter. The brush is also a duo, one end has a brush and the other end has a sponge.  Here is a picture of each of the product that how it looks from inside.

The color of the packaging is really chic and it has KKW Beauty written on it.

Now , let’s watch some swatches. Here are the swatches of all four kits. you can see how there is one shimmer highlighter one matte and two contour shades.

These kits retail for 48$ which makes each product, that is each side costing 8$. I do think its a justified price because It’s all about branding. Kim Kardashian herself is a brand and her beauty line has her name which has to be darn expensive. So, this price is quite justified considering its a beauty line of a celebrity and it’s her first launch . It could have been more expensive as well and it’s all because of the name. The brand this product is carrying. It’s not for the amount of product or quality of the product. They all come in view but first thing is it’s KIM KARDASHIAN’s brand which sets a high price already.

REVIEW: I haven’t owned these sticks but I have seen a lot of people using it. These sticks are build-able and they are their for giving you more of a natural bronzy, contourish look. Yes there is one particular thing that the product is quite less and if you pull these whole bullet out it comes right off as in it hasn’t been attacked properly to the sticks. The sponge is what a lot of people are complaining about. IT might be because we are so used to beauty blender and beauty blender isn’t attached to anything which makes it more soft and easy for us to work with but I don’t know the exact reason for this sponge to be so hard . Hence, I would leave it there. Overall I think these sticks work quite well.Once they are restocked. I will try to get my hands

on them and maybe I will make a video with a demo of these. For now after reading and watching tons of reviews I would give this rating to each of the product. Contour 4.5/5 (gives a natural contour and is build able) , highlighter 4.3/5 and brush 2.5/5. This is my overall rating after observing these products online as well hand on hand with a friend. I haven’t used them much but they are good!! If you are into natural makeup and no makeup makeup looks then you might wanna try these sticks or you can get the dupes as well but if you are a Kardashian fan then you know you are getting it. Hence, it’s totally a person’s personal choice that what do they want and what not. Some people have fallen in love with these and some abhor them . You have to make a wise choice for yourself by thinking of pros and cons and your priorities. Makeup is all about personal preferences.

That’s it guys for my review. I hope you guys liked it. Let me know what do you guys think about this kit and I will see you guys in my next video. Until then Keep Smiling. Bye guys.

Source of images: Sara Tan



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