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Hey diyanziaans,
Its me Pirah and today I am going to review products of a brand names Dazz Matazz. I have never heard of this brand before. I got these goodies as a gift from my sister Ayesha. She has gifted me a bunch of stuff perfect for giving us a good overview of the brand.

So, first let’s do a small haul. All these goodies were in this adorable makeup bag. It is so sparkly, yasss. LOVE IT!! It has a small lip emoji and a lipstick with “Forever Love” written on it. The moment she handed me this bag I fell in love with it. This is around 250 -300. Such an affordable price. It holds quite a good amount of products in it. It is perfect for traveling. She got this from Bin Hashim mall /superstore , which is located in Karachi.

In this bag she got me 5 products from Dazz Matazz. It has a foundation, liner, lippie, compact powder and a nail paint. She went with a bold red theme. Which is different for me and it’s not something I would wear normally except the nail paint but I do love it. So let’s get into the each product and see if it’s worth it or not.
First up we have this Foundation. It is timeless beauty lasting cover foundation in shade Even Beige 120. Yes, this is a light shade for me but we are going to ignore that and I have tried this in the video as well which is linked at the end of the post. Now, this foundation retails for PKR Rs. 695. It is apparently very long lasting , lightweight, hydrating , antioxidant and paraben free. It has a fragrance to it. Which I do not mind whatsoever. I feel like it just makes the application process fun. So this foundation gives a little trouble in application because it is super thick and it makes gliding it on your face a little hard. But with effort it

 does blend nicely into the skin. It gives good coverage but it isn’t long lasting. You do need to touch up often with this foundation. It does minimize imperfections and wrinkles though. So , I do not think one shall go for it. There are much better foundations out there which you can buy. It is not horrible but it hasn’t worked well on my skin. Hence, I don’t like it as such. It is okay though. The swatch of the shade is on your right.

Second thing we got is Silk Finish Compact Powder in shade Honey light 02. Now, this product is simply LOVE. It gives such a nice and smooth finish to your face that your skin becomes flawless. If you have done your foundation right and you use this compact. It becomes EVERYTHING. You will live for this compact. Along with amazing result it has this sweet and nice fragrance which makes me want to hit the pan on this one ASAP. This retails for Rs. 525 and it is WORTH IT. If you were trying to find a compact powder for yourself then go for this one. Just try it once and you will fall in love. This product is my personal fav now. The swatch of the shade is on your left.

Moving on, we have an eye liner. This is art liner in Black. It retails for 435 and I do NOT like it. It’s brush is so crappy and even the formula it doesn’t glide on smoothly which sucks. Because when I saw art liner written on it my expectations were quite high. But it hasn’t even come to my normal liner expectations. I love drawing winged liners and I am not bad at it. But this liner it just wouldn’t let me draw a proper wing. Sometimes the product wouldn’t come right and this brush like don’t even get me started on this. It’s either I got a crappy product or what but I do not like this liner. You can buy quite good liner for a lesser cost. You can go for gel liner of ADS which is around 300 or you can buy Mr. and Mrs. cosmetics Liner which is of 500 rupees but its bamb. It is one of my personal favorite eye liner, actually these both are. Gotta love these bad boys.

Next up we have a lippie. I got Dazz Matazz’s velvet sensation lipstick in shade Tropical Salsa. Ooh I liked that name. It is a bold red color you will see in the swatch which must be somewhere near. It is retailed for 375. It is a shimmery lipstick. It is a really pretty color. It says it is long lasting but it doesn’t last that long although it does leave a tint which is good. I like that. And I don’t mind the fact about long lasting because mostly shimmery and not so matte lippies aren’t that long lasting. It does have an odor to it. Not so good not so bad but sort of in the middle. I like this lipstick . If you were looking for such a bold color definitely go for this one.

Last but not the least we have this nail paint. It is nail sensation nail paint in shade ns04- Jasmine Noir. It is a good red shade  as well and I am showing you guys one coat application of this which is pretty opaque and I like it. It retails for 295 which is fair for a nail paint. The viesta one that I have are of 35 – 50 rupees but then again they come in more affordable range so I do not mind the price of this nail paint and I do like it.

So ,one thing that has become my absolute fav from all the products that we tested is Compact powder. And here I am going to end this review. I hope you guys liked it. Thank you guys so so much for staying tuned. in case if you wanna buy these cosmetics , you can buy them here: or here . #notsponsored

The link to my video of trying these products, which more of a first impression is here:

And yes with that I will take your leave. Bye guys, Stay slaying 😀

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