Singles on Valentine’s Day

Hey Diyanzians,

Hope you guys are having an awesome day. I know I am having a good day today. But a few days back It was Valentine’s Day. The best day for couples and the worst day for us , “Singles”. On this day, when everyone talks about love , their spouses and their bond, we singles cry about why  are we still single. So, while everyone was giving present ideas for valentines, or DIY perfect date, I thought let’s shed some light on Singles of this world. I have made a small skit called “Singles on Valentine’s Day. This video shows you  how a single person spends his/her Day on Valentine’s Day. Some parts are definitely exaggerated to make you guys laugh. But some of them are true and relate-able.

So, if you haven’t watched that video then watch it and let me know in the comments if it you are single or mingle and how was your valentine’s day . Let’s discuss those spicy details :D.

Thank you so much for reading and watching my video. I will see you guys next time. Stay slaying!


P.S. There are bloopers of “Singles on Valentine’s Day” video as well. You can watch them if you want.

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