Focallure Highlighter Review

Hey Diyanzian’s,

Today we have Another makeup related girly post!! Because why nawt? 

Anyways so this is Focallure’s beam Baked Powder Highlighter (Ultra Glow). I have this highlighter in shade Blossom. Please check at your left for a swatch. It is a very pretty highlighter. It’s not that in your face kind of highlighter but it’s a very subtle and a glowing highlighter perfect for any makeup look. I really like this highlighter because outrageous glowing  kinda highlighter are something that I restrict for weddings and parties only, mostly just 

wedding. So, for other makeup days, this highlighter is perfect. Especially if you are going for a natural but glowy makeup look.

So, yes this highlighter gets 4/5 from me. Links from where you can buy this highlighter are linked at the end of the post. Thank you so much for staying tuned. I will see you guys in my next post. Bye guys

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You can buy this product here: *Listed according to regions*

U.S.A: Focallure Ultra Glow Beam Highliter
Pakistan : Focallure Ultra Glow Beam Highlighter – Aliexpress  (I bought this highlighter from here)
India:  Focallure Ultra Glow Beam Highlighter in Blossom 

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