Review: Dazz Matazz Cosmetics

Hey diyanziaans, Its me Pirah and today I am going to review products of a brand names Dazz Matazz. I have never heard of this brand before. I got these goodies as a gift from my sister Ayesha. She has gifted me a bunch of stuff perfect for giving us a good overview of the

Let’s talk about KKW Crème Contour & Highlight Kits

Hey diyanzians, Its me Pirah and today we are going to talk about the new hyped up product KKW contour sticks. So, I am going to break this talk into a few aspect. First of we will talk about what this product is, its packaging, its shades and everything. Then we will hop on to

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Review & Demo

Hey Diyanzians, Its me Pirah and today we have a very special product to talk about. This product is special, because it is a Holy Grail product of mine. Its Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It is a cleansing water, which removes your makeup, cleanses and refresh your skin. At first I was very skeptical about

Review of Ysl Vinyl Couture Mascara

Hey Diyanzians, Today, we are going to talk about YSL Viny Couture Mascara. I have used this Mascara for a very good time now. I had four of these. The shades of my YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara were: 01 black, 04 hazel, 05 blue and 09  Gold Sparkle. YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara has 9 shades

Detailed Review of Gallany Cosmetics

Hey Diyanzians, Today, we are going to talk about ” Gallany Cosmetics “. To be exact we are going to go through Gallany Cosmetic’s Makeup Look Box. We are going to go through everything from price to swatches to review. This will be a detailed post but if you are more into watching videos then I

Trying BIOAQUA Collagen Lip Mask + Review

Hey Diyanzians, Today I have uploaded “Trying BIOAQUA Collagen Lip Mask” video. It’s a very short video. In this I open the product, show close ups of the lip mask and then I try it. This was such a moist lip mask.  It’s essence was in excess which I had to throw away. It was

Poppy Apparel Shop

Hey diyanzians, Guess  what?? I have a code for you guys 😂😂. I know that’s the stupidest thing to say but there’s a very cool brand named poppy apparel they have really cool accessories , sunglasses, backpacks , shoes and clothes. I loved all their stuff hence I went for their affiliation program. You guys

Swatches of Viesta Peel Off Nail Polish

Hey guys, So today we are talking about Viesta Peel Off Nail Polish. I bought these nail paints a while back and let me tell you the moment I used them I was highly impressed by them. They have such a huge variety of colors. They peel off nicely, they don’t stain your nails. and

How I straight my hair

Hey Diyanzians, Today I have a very special video to share with you guys. Recently a tons and tons of people were asking me how I straight my hair. I told a few face to face but it was a lot to type in each chat for every person. Hence, I thought to make a

Quick and easy hairstyle ideas

Hey Guysss, Today, we are doing more of a Flashback Friday thing, inspired by Twitter’s hashtag. I did a few months back 5 very easy and quick hairstyle ideas. It occurred to me out of the blue. I don’t have this long hair anymore. So it took my around 4 hours to shoot this video