DIY Phone Cases with Nail paints

Hey Diyanzians, Whats up? I hope you guys are doing well. Today I am sharing this video that I did in 2016 I know it’s quite late to share with you guys now. But at that time I had no website so better late than never, Right?. In this video we are going to make

DIY Paper Flowers

Hey Diyanzians, Today I am sharing my recent video with you guys. So I told you guys in my previous post that DIY paper flower’s video is coming soon. I worked on this recently. It took me a long time because I dont like editing much . and then we have to make a thumbnail

DIY flower vases | Recycle Barbican Bottles

Hey Diyanzians, Its me Pirah, and today I am going to make some cool vases from Barbican Bottles. We are going to make two cute glass vases from emptied Barbican bottles. So yes, we are going to add some paints and turn our normal glass bottles into pretty vases. These can be made as you

DIY notebooks for back to school

Hey Diyanzians, Today I am going to show you how to make these cute notebooks. This was at the time when school season was approaching after a huge gap and everyone was shopping and planning for their school. I thought to make some cool and easy notebooks for any student. There are three very easy

DIY easy and affordable phone cases

Hey  guys, So today I am sharing with you guys this video which I made a long time back. But I haven’t wrote anything on it so lets do this. First why I created these. Well having cool and fancy phone cases is something I am obsessed with. But they can be a little expensive

DIY nail art with pencil

Hey everyone, Today I am trying nail art with pencil for the first time. A few days back I had this pencil in my hand and I just noticed the similarities between a pencil and a dotting tool. After that I just had to try to do my nail art with a pencil and I

Diy – Recycle Nutella Jar

Hey guys, So today we are doing my favourite DIY. I love recycling. I love how we can turn old trash into a new better and usable thing. Since , everyone is a huge fan of nutella jar including me. Hehe, I can’t live without it. Hence, I thought it would be a perfect thing