Giveaways to enter this week

Hey Diyanzians, I am Pirah and today, I am making another list of giveaways to enter. I did this listing a while back and you guys loved it. Hence, I have got a few amazing giveaways for you guys to enter. Without further due, let’s get started. Wanna get an Ipad and some Makeup for

10 weird facts about Valentine’s Day

Hey guys, Today I am sharing with you guys 10 weird facts about Valentine’s Day. As February, is a month of love , I thought I will make this video in which I will tell you guys 10 weird facts about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is most famous festival celebrated worldwide. On this day Loved

10 Websites Every Student Should Know About + Bonus

Hey guys, in this post I am sharing a few websites that I think are a must know for every student. They make my student life so much easier that I can’t even begin to tell you. From research paper to essays to reading assignments to maths, there is one thing or other for each